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    NPTL History

‘2016 Two lab room (83513, 85273) and two student office (83502, 85277)

‘2013 Three lab room (83430, 83513 and Dark room in 2nd research complex), two student office (83502, 85277)

‘2010 The 1st Ph. D of NPTL graduate

‘2009 Expand Laboratory (Add Suite 83430 in the 2nd research complex)

‘2008 The 1st M.S of NPTL graduate

‘2006 Move to M.E. and SAINT room (the 2nd research complex)

‘2006 Entrance the 1st M.S/Ph. D candidate of NPTL at M.E and SAINT

‘2006 Establish laboratories (Suite 83513 and 83571 in the 2nd research complex)

‘2005 Found NPTL (5th floor in the 1st engineering building)