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(#: 1st author,  *: corresponding author)

194.     Minjun Kim#, Hyunho Seok#, N. Clament Sagaya Selvam, Jinil Cho, Gwan H. Choi, Myeong Gyun Nam, Sungmo Kang, Taesung Kim* and Pil J. Yoo*"Kirkendall effect induced bifunctional hybrid electrocatalyst (Co9S8@MoS2/N-doped hollow carbon) for high performance overall water splitting" Journal of Power Sources; Volume 493, 1 May 2021, 229688 [사사:중견연구, 기본연구(유필진교수)], 상위 10%

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189.  Hyeong-U Kim#, Mansu Kim#, Hyunho Seok, Kyu-Young Park, Ji-Yun Moon, Jonghwan Park, Byeong-Seon An, Hee Joon Jung, Vinayak P. Dravid, Dongmok Whang*, Jae-Hyun Lee* and Taesung Kim*, "Realization of Wafer-Scale 1T-MoS2 Film for Efficient Hydrogen EvolutionChemSusChem [사사: 중견연구, 기본연구, 기초연구실사업(이재현 교수)], 상위 10%

1t mos2.jpg

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177.  Hyeong-U Kim#, Vinit Kanade#, Mansu Kim#, Ki Seok Kim, Byeong-Seon An, Hyunho Seok, Hocheon Yoo, Lindsay E. Chaney, Seung-Il Kim, Cheol-Woong Yang, Geun Young Yeom, Dongmok Whang, Jae-Hyun Lee*, and Taesung Kim*"Wafer-Scale and Low-Temperature Growth of 1T-WS2 Film for Efficient and Stable Hydrogen Evolution Reaction"Small, 16, 6, 201905000 (Featured as a Cover) [사사: 중견연구, 기본연구, 아주대(이재현 교수)], 상위10%